陶磊,TAOA创始人,主持建筑师。 1997年毕业于中央美术学院附属中等美术学校,2002年毕业于中央美术学院建筑学院,从1997年正式学习建筑开始,便一直参与中国的建筑实践,在实践中一直秉承设计概念应与社会实际问题相统一的设计原则,注重建筑本体语言的独特性以及建筑本土文化性的探索,关注建筑人文价值的体现以及建筑在当今城市中与自然的关系,关注建筑现实的当代性。2010年开始受到业界及媒体的特别关注,在建筑实践上获得了一系列专业奖项,作品广泛发表于各种媒体及国际专业杂志,并受邀参加各种专业论坛及讲座,以及受邀参加一系列重要的建筑展。并于2012年编著由凤凰传媒集团出版发行《里应外合-当代建筑在中国70》建筑图书。2012年受到中国建筑传媒奖青年建筑师奖提名。

Tao Lei,the founder and chief architect of TAOA, graduated from Fine Arts School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA) in 1997, and received his Bachelor Degree from the School of Architecture of CAFA in 2002. Engaged in architectural practice since 1997, he has been adhering to the design principle that design concepts should be consistent with social practical issues, paying attention to the uniqueness of architectural ontology and the exploration of architectural local culture, as well as the embodiment of the humanistic value of architecture and the relationship between architecture and nature in cities, focusing on the contemporary nature of architectural reality. Tao Lei gains widely attention by both Chinese and international media since 2010, whose works were widely published in a large numbers of magazines and won a series of professional awards. For his academic reputation, he was invited to participate in lots of seminars, lectures and exhibitions. In 2012, he edited the book In & Out - Contemporary Architecture in China 70 Series published by Phoenix Media Group. In the same year, he was nominated for the Young Architect Award of China Architecture Media Award.